August 2017  
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Coordinators: Craig Collom and Peggy Larson

Alcolytes serve at the altar helping the Celebrant at the Mass and other liturgical celebrations. They also study aspects of the Church's liturgical life.

We are eager to welcome new Acolytes ages 8 years and up who feel ready for this ministry. Training in the role and function of an acolyte is provided and serving in the sanctuary is a blessed experience.

Contact either Craig Collom at (916) 203-8049 or Peggy Larson at (916) 300-9004, if you would like more information about our Acolyte program. 
Please see the schedule below. 

 Team 1 - Emily Collom, Paige Collom
 Team 2 - Bernadette Davies, Jacob Bills
 Team 3 - Clara Stromberg, Savannah Bills
 Team 4 - Elleanor Larson, 
 Date  Team  Names
6/4/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
6/11/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
6/18/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
6/25/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
7/2/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
7/9/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
7/16/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
7/23/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
7/30/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
8/6/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
8/13/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
8/20/2017 No YAs  Summer Break
8/27/2016 No YAs  Summer Break