August 2017  
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Director: Leah Murthy

Adult Choir and Children's Choir -- We Have It All!

Choir Clanedars are here:

Our choir motto is "All are Welcome", so you and your whole family are welcome to join our wonderful choirs!

Adult Choir meets each Wednesday at 6:30pm in the sanctuary for singing and fun. The first rehearsal will be on Sept. 7th, 2016. We are in need of some young people to join a youth singing group for a combined anthem "Thrive" on October 30th, so please contact Leah if you are interested. The Children's Choir will start again playing games and singing on September 11th after the 10:30 service and will continue to meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. They will sing during the service once a month, both on their own and with the adult choir. If you are thinking about joining the choir for the whole season, or just for the holidays, please contact Leah at or call 210-427-1382.