August 2017  
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Lay Eucharistic Visiting Team
Leader: Roy and Lois Larson

Our Lay Eucharistic Visitors are a team of lay people who visit others in the community, who for whatever reason, can not make it to church. In teams of two people, the visitors take the sacraments and celebrate  a Eucharist service at an Independent Living Facility in Roseville each Wednesday morning. The team then visits people in hospitals, nursing facilites, and private homes and offers communion and prayers and cheerful visits.

This ministry is a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends and renew old friendships. If you would like to be a part of the Lay Eucharistic Visitor team, please talk with Father Cliff.

The Visitors deliver baskets of cookies and various goodies at Thanksgving, Christmas and Easter. Talk with Lois Larson about how you can help supply items for the baskets.